Dee Bounds - Dee By Design

Dee Bounds' property involvement began in the late 1980's, evolving from a history of small renovations, extensions and real estate sales to multiple real estate developments. This was primarily in both the lower North Shore in Sydney (Cammeray to Castle Cove) and the Central Coast of NSW. In 1990, Dee opened a restaurant in inner city Darlinghurst called Abitza which won an award for both design and best new restaurant.

Dee has a rich history in renovations and extensions, creating and managing scores of such projects in Sydney in the 90's. She became one of Sydney's most prominent luxury real estate developers, thereafter specialising in the design and project management of many developments, from concept to completion.

Having also owned a number of Property Development & Real Estate companies, she has a rare combination of creative flair and disciplined management skills. She wants her designs and concepts to mesmerise her clients, but at the same time, has her fingers on the pulse in terms of bringing the project in on time and on budget.

With over 20 years of property design and development experience, Dee moved to the Gold Coast in 2006 and started Dee By Design Pty Ltd, shortly thereafter. Dee by design operates on a very personable approach to all aspects of the business, as every client has their own unique needs.

Creative approach with commercial logic

My home had lost value in the last few years but work unfortunately meant I had to move. Unsure whether to rent or sell Dee guided me through all the options. Some small changes that were minimal in cost allowed me to rent my house at $400 per month more than the market rate. I had the house valued and it added 25K but only cost me 8K.

A house was purchased but Dee created it into my home

Struggling with home furniture and accessorising Dee introduced me into a complete new level of opportunities not available to the general public. A wonderful experience, Dee exudes great taste and style combined with access to prices well below what is available publicly. Our shopping trips were so enjoyable.

Building a new house, renovating your home or just looking for a simple advice on space planning, colour coordination, lighting enhancements?

Don't know where to start, call Dee. A one stop shop that will cover all your needs. Nothing was too much Dee has support for every need and they all had the same attributes of quality, great value and within the time frame required.

Great support, listening ear, wonderful ideas and more passionate about my home than I am.

Met Dee at her home, had a coffee, shared ideas and then she came home with me. Never looked backwards, I travel abroad alot; Dee has my keys and continues the ongoing maintenance and restoration work. Trustworthy, private with strong integrity.

Works with you, on time and on budget.

Completely transparent, provided multiple choices, advises astutely on both the lifestyle and commercial impact of your decisions to ensure you are spending what you need to. A collaborative approach, never did I feel the choices were forced upon me. Excellent communicator, efficient to the tee, never had to ask..

Networking Expert

Unique skills to introduce you to a huge spectrum of direct support within her business and opportunities outside. Excellent connections within development, real estate and associated businesses.

Dee's passion for people and her work becomes so obvious and infectious after your first meeting.

Dee has already developed a reputation for excellent craftsmanship to restore and renovate existing properties with a colour palette and finishes that meet the market needs with a focus on not overcapitalising the asset. As a home owner or developer, Dee by design can offer specialised consulting services ranging from DA appraisals to facilitating and executing building works as well as home staging to prepare your property for sale through to complete furniture packages as a 'Finishing Touch' for a new property owner.


Combining logic and design....

- Interior Design and Space Planning
- Interior Stylist
- Exclusive Shopping Service for furniture and fit
..out procurement
- Turnkey Solution Provider

Solutions for:
- Investors
- Architects
- Developers
- Builders
- Home owners

Specialising in the following sectors, including:
- Residential
- Commercial
- Hospitality
- Tourism