Architecture is the creation of living art – the space in which we live, play and work – a collaboration of materials, aspect and topography that stimulates the imagination and allows for the foundation of developing harmony between the outdoors and in.
Dee by design has worked with some of the most inspiring architects, locally, nationally and internationally – designing and building both exceptional homes and properties
From initial concept with the client, Dee by design will establish the line between wants, needs and desires and combine a wealth of experience to align with the most well suited and appropriate architect to create your dream and deliver the result. The successful outcome is derived from a history of many architectural disciplines which Dee by design has created and built and delivers to you the client, a world of choice to create a unique property that is inspired and fashioned on a holistic design philosophy for a completely integrated result.

‘A home and property that is designed with a holistic approach, led with passion and built with sustainability is the only expectation that a client should have.’